About The School  

School Profile

Smiths Station Junior High houses the 7th and 8th grade students from the Smiths Station attendance area.  We are located at 1100 Lee Road 298 in Smiths Station, Alabama, in the former Smiths Station High School facility.

Enrollment: approximately 1000 students

Curriculum: Students have 5 core classes of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.  Students also take exploratory classes which include Music, Art, Foreign Language, Technology Education, Computer Applications, Literature, Band, Yearbook Staff, and Library and Office Aides.


Image for PRIDE

The staff at Smiths Station Junior High expects its students to follow the PRIDE guidelines:

P - Preparation for school everyday

R - Respectfulness for yourself and others at all times

I - Integrity - do the right thing

D - Dedication - to strive toward excellence

E - Encourage others to be successful

Mission Statement

The purpose of Smiths Station Junior High School is to take a prominent role advocating a progressive education for each student in our school. 

The mission of SSJHS and other Lee County Schools is to educate every student through a comprehensive and academically challenging curriculum taught in a safe and nurturing environment.  We challenge students to pursue dreams, succeed with integrity, and contribute meaningfully to a diverse society.

The Vision of Smiths Station Junior High School will continue to build on its tradition of providing a smooth transition from elementary to high school.  Our supportive school community will guide students to become lifelong, self-motivated learners and leaders who are productive, responsible members of society.  The unique needs of our students will be addressed by a wide variety of innovative programs and teaching styles, to include data driven instruction and strategic teaching methods.  The unique needs of our teachers will be addressed by providing meaningful professional development and learning opportunities to guide instruction as a 21st century school.  As a learning community, we are committed to developing the whole child by providing a safe environment which focuses on academics, arts, attitude, athletics, and activities.  The highest expectations for academic success, technological expertise, and moral and civic responsibility will be required of our students as our standards-based curricula prepare them to compete and thrive in a diverse and changing global society.

At Smiths Station Junior High School we believe the following:

     1.  All students are capable of learning and want to be successful.

     2.  Students, staff and parents must be both educators and learners who value education as a lifelong process.

     3.  Education requires a shared partnership with ongoing communication among students, parents, the community

          and educators.

     4.  Student learning is maximized when students and their families are actively involved in the educational process.

     5.  It is important to promote academic excellence and accountability throughout our programs as our students

          prepare for the workplace and the changing world.

     6.  We must provide a positive and nurturing environment for students that fosters a mutual respect for all

           individuals and their differences.

     7.  Analyzing student assessments helps drive instruction, increase learning and enhance student achievement.