About The School  

School Profile

Smiths Station Junior High houses the 7th and 8th grade students from the Smiths Station attendance area.  We are located at 1100 Lee Road 298 in Smiths Station, Alabama, in the former Smiths Station High School facility

Enrollment: approximately 1000 students

Curriculum: Students have 5 core classes of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.  Students also take exploratory classes which include Music, Art, Creative Writing, Technology Education, Computer Applications, Literature, Band, Yearbook Staff, and Library and Office Aides.


The staff at Smiths Station Junior High expects its students to following the PRIDE guidelines:

P - Preparation for school everyday

R - Respectfulness for yourself and others at all times

I - Integrity - do the right thing

D - Dedication - to strive toward excellence

E - Encourage others to be successful

Mission Statement

Smiths Station Junior High School and the Lee County School System will take a prominent role advocating a progressive education for each student in our schools. The mission of SSJHS and other Lee County Schools is to educate every student through a comprehensive and academically challenging curriculum taught in a safe and nurturing environment.  We challenge students to pursue dreams, succeed with integrity, and contribute meaningfully to a diverse society.

 Lee County School System's Core Beliefs:

  • All students are valued individuals who can learn.
  • The education of each student is a responsibility shared by students, families, schools, and communities.
  • Each individual achieves best in an environment where physical and emotional safety is guaranteed.
  • Personal integrity is essential to individual success.
  • Learning is a lifelong endeavor.