SSJH Lunchroom Information

Welcome to the Smiths Station Junior High Cafeteria


                        Katrena Chadwrick-Manager

We strive to serve a healthy, nutritious meal each day for the students. To view our  breakfast & lunch menu at Please note that the menu is subject to change without notice. In addition to the items listed for lunch, students may also have the option to choose a salad , which is available everyday. 

Click on the apple to view the Lunch Menu.

The prices for our meals are as follows:

  • Reduced Breakfast - $0.30
  • Regular Breakfast - $1.50
  • Reduced Lunch - $0.40
  • Regular Lunch - $2.35
  • A la carte items are also available for various prices.

Please contact the school if you would like information about our free and reduced lunch program.